Hardly [adverb]

Definition of Hardly:

scarcely; with difficulty

Opposite/Antonyms of Hardly:

Sentence/Example of Hardly:

This is hardly the first example of such a thing, as I detailed earlier this week.

The bookmakers didn’t give Dallas much of a chance to win the Stanley Cup because Dallas hardly proved it was good enough to qualify for the playoffs, let alone win once it got there.

Protesters took over roughly a six-block area in Seattle — hardly a “big chunk” or 20 percent.

He Jiankui, the disgraced scientist behind the CRISPR babies experiment, was hardly coy about his plans.

Checking your website page by page is hardly practical, so you can use Google Search Console to check all your pages at once.

Even folded, it’s hardly thicker than an iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

South Korea’s testing was extensive, but it was hardly universal.

Moreover, seven years’ worth of gas is hardly enough to ensure Turkey’s energy security.

The former postal worker, who lived independently at home, now could hardly speak.

In the earliest stages of the pandemic, when there were hardly any tests available across the country, public health officials had to limit tests to the most urgent need — people with severe symptoms in hospitals.