Hardships [noun]

Definition of Hardships:

personal burden

Opposite/Antonyms of Hardships:

Sentence/Example of Hardships:

Barbour says it was the development of a severe cold, a benumbment contracted in the hardships of his early wanderings.

You have heard what hardships our forefathers went through, while they were fighting the battles of liberty.

The thought of such luxurious travelling after his recent hardships surpassed his wildest dreams.

It only took a hurried breakfast and a refreshing bath to make me soon forget my own hardships.

He was busy telling us about his hardships and that it had taken him thirty hours to make a five-hour trip.

But she minded hardships none, and once we were out of sight of the river she regained some of her spirits.

At least she had gained something from her captivity—a strength to endure physical hardships which she had never known before.

He did his year's service as a petty officer and went through the discipline and hardships of the common marine.

His soul was giving way under his hardships, and it would have been a solace to him to weep aloud.

The trip promised to be perilous and fraught with danger, as well as grueling and full of hardships.