Hardwoods [noun]

Definition of Hardwoods:

trees, wood

Synonyms of Hardwoods:

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Sentence/Example of Hardwoods:

They planted stands of fire-resistant hardwood species that stood like sentinels, blocking waves of flame.

I felt warm, so I slid to the floor to let the hardwoods cool my skin.

The 26-inch hardwood handle is durable, and includes an ergonomic D-group at the end for better leverage and control.

Hardwood trees shed their leaves annually, and they are called deciduous trees.

A gentle breath from heaven makes the basket decline a little and the ropes creak against the hardwood clinch blocks.

All hardwood finish, teak rail, well found, and just the ticket for the island trade.

They crossed swamps and wormed through alder swales, coming out again on pine and hardwood ridges.

Wax your hardwood floors and keep them shining like mirrors; if rugs are scarce they will be a good apology.

In olden times books were trimmed in a press having hardwood jaws and wood screws near each end, worked with an iron lever.

Drew glanced back as the butler pressed in the curtains and started closing the hardwood door.