Hardworking [adjective]

Definition of Hardworking:


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Sentence/Example of Hardworking:

Almost all of these hardworking families have — and need — multiple vehicles.

The deep dish is pricier and too heavy and rich to eat every day, but tavern style is practical and shareable, a win-win for the city’s hardworking people.

The Can-Am Off-Road vehicle lineup includes side-by-side vehicles and ATVs designed to outperform, no matter the task, from hardworking utility needs to exploring the world in a purpose-built-for-anything high-performance machine.

Don’t kick a hardworking entrepreneur down who is just trying to get their project out there and show it the world.

Whatever I have accomplished here, I stand on the shoulders of all who came before me as well as Fortune’s current crew of hardworking, ambitious, talented, and committed journalists.

A hardworking businessman determined to improve nursing home care.

Hardworking and upright, being reared in sternness and poverty.

Paul is a good son, hardworking, and on the road to success, but of course the initial expenses of his profession are tremendous.

The mother was a hardworking woman, toiling from morning to night for her family.

For, as a general rule, the hardworking Indian woman is more strongly developed in proportion than her lazy lord.