Hardy [adjective]

Definition of Hardy:

strong, tough

Synonyms of Hardy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hardy:

Sentence/Example of Hardy:

Hardy and Hicks flung the huge marrow bones with which they happened to be engaged at the time.

He knew it was a handkerchief, and smiled inwardly as he wondered what Tom Hardy would say if he could see him now.

Even the hardy Mohammedan was haggard and spent, and his oblique eyes glowed like the red embers of a dying fire.

It was more than three years since Tom Hardy's letter had thrown him into a chill, and everything as yet was quiet.

She, Anne herself, was as strong as a horse and had never been ill in her life, but others were not quite so hardy.

Shy, gentle, sweet, she was beloved and protected by the more hardy and active Betty and Mollie.

The Scots are a nation of hardy, valiant men, whom the English never would have succeeded in conquering by force of arms.

Less hardy constitutions and weaker muscles than theirs would have quickly tired under the strain.

They were capable, hardy folks, too, who might very well succeed.

In all these wars and rumours of war the men of the hardy North remained practically unconquered.