Harebrained [adjective]

Definition of Harebrained:

stupid, unthinking

Synonyms of Harebrained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harebrained:

Sentence/Example of Harebrained:

With six weeks left in the season, the entire NFC outside of the harebrained NFC East is effectively playing for playoff seeding or draft position.

His harebrained manner rendered him insupportable to me, and my coldness drew upon me his aversion.

Then followed an act of heroism and harebrained enterprise which is now the talk of the whole army.

The Irish setter was a wild, undisciplined pup, harebrained and headlong after the manner of his breed.

I had come with my harebrained followers over a thousand leagues of sea,and for what?

She rallied Russian patriotism to her side by advising that no notice be taken of this harebrained suggestion.

Would he be likely, even if he approved of the general aim, to sanction such a harebrained piece of folly?

Rafe, reckless and harebrained as he was, flew over the logs as sure-footed as a goat.

His mouth twitched as he filled his harebrained visitor's glass.

And who have hard hearts and obdurate minds, But vicious, harebrained, and illiterate hinds?