Hark [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hark:

Mr. Figgins did hark, and an awful sound reached him from behind the curtain.

Riach cried; and then to me: “Hark ye, David,” he said, “do ye ken where the pistols are?”

Hark here, sir; Captain Bruton talks of a peaceful settlement of this difficulty.

Even is come; and from the dark Park, hark, The signal of the setting sun—one gun!

Hark thee, friend; do thou and the young woman follow Empson where he will conduct thee.

Then said the father: 'Hark you, my son, try as I will I can get nothing into your head.

Goe not too far, and pray good Cousin Anabel, Hark a new noise.

This slum must be our rendezvous when all's over; for hark ye, my lads, I'll not budge an inch till Luke Bradley be set free.

Mr. Vincent has let them a very pretty little farm in the neighbourhood, and—hark!

"Hark," whispered Kenton, turning to Boone, and raising his hand as a gesture for silence.