Harlotry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Harlotry:

Protect the nobility and gentry in their harlotry, and let holiness be measured by the fineness of the garments.

She sought them out and courted them all to increase her harlotry.

Are they not better than the hot, uncontrollable harlotry of a flaunting, dishevelled enthusiasm?

We may be sure that the case of Mexico throws light on the ancient usages of sacral harlotry.

The Romans forbade sacral harlotry, which was in strong antagonism to their sex mores.

Vows play a very important part in the Hindoo system of sacral harlotry.

Sacral harlotry won another religious sanction from these cases.

Concubinage, slave women, harlotry, and all other forms but the prescribed one have been put under taboo.

They insisted on a broad and firm sex taboo and denounced sacral harlotry and child sacrifice together.

There was sacral harlotry for strangers only, the money going as a sacrifice to the goddess.