Harming [verb]

Definition of Harming:

injure; cause evil

Synonyms of Harming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harming:

Sentence/Example of Harming:

The idea of your harming a hair of the head of Fred Greenwood, who showed you tenfold more mercy than you deserved—my gracious!

The host was quiet in winter quarters in Mercia, and the Danes in our country grew friendly with us, harming no man.

When I found that we weren't being burned, and that the roaring and the crackling weren't harming us, I lifted my head.

The shellac will protect the leaf without in any way harming it.

They could not tell the truth without harming their own cause.

He would go any distance out of his way to avoid harming a fly.

The other is only a luxury, and we should think of the luxury only when there is no longer any risk of harming the necessary.

All of his early mental training as well as Circuit 92 sealed inside his brain case would prevent him from harming a human being.

He leaped the fence just as the sentinel fired upon him, but the ball whistled by without harming Fall-leaf.

And Einar had already bidden that no violence be done, for fear of harming his daughter.