Harmonic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Harmonic:

Otherwise the pipes will speak a harmonic instead of the sound intended—as, indeed, frequently happens.

Harmonic Flutes, of double length open pipes, are now utilized by almost all organ builders.

The singing of the choir is pretty exact and melodious; but it is too weak—needs more harmonic energy and general strength.

The melody of the dance music which all along had seeped to them in harmonic murmur from the distant ballroom was now hushed.

Music no less surely does the same through the agency of rhythm, melody, and harmonic texture.

The bonbons, of green and white, added the last touch of harmonic color to the dainty little feast.

Every form consists of various things, and is such as is the harmonic co-ordination thereof and arrangement to one, 524.

When these two cams work in conjunction, we obtain all the possible degrees of harmonic motion.

The strains of a slow waltz were throbbing to an harmonic end.

Harmonic intervals are divided into Consonances and Dissonances.