Harmonica [noun]

Definition of Harmonica:

mouth organ

Synonyms of Harmonica:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harmonica:


Sentence/Example of Harmonica:

Tom had his harmonica and it seemed the fire gave him inspiration for he played until the others begged for mercy.

The next source from which we learn anything of this part of the subject is the pseudo-Euclidean Introductio Harmonica.

I suddenly became aware of a harmonica and a clarinet playing a weird, harmonious message.

An instrument that is interesting rather than handsome is the glass harmonica shown in Figure 90.

The harmonica was at that moment playing at a distance in tones that perfectly synchronized the movements made by Eusapia.

"Let me have dat mouf organ, little boy," said Sam, observing Laddie's harmonica.

But he soon pivoted and slid much faster, all in time with the sounds he drew from the harmonica.

Upon a sheet of music-paper which had been placed near the harmonica, the theme was written very correctly in pencil.

She chose for her portion a large amount of these, an harmonica, and a sugar pig, which Dotty assured her was not "colored."

After this the harmonica fell into a dish of soft soap, and in cleaning it with ashes and a sponge, the holes became stopped.