Harmonization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Harmonization:

The problem of the harmonization of the interests of classes in community with mutual benefit to all, is scientifically solved.

It was no external enemy but an internal who must be made harmless, and the method was one of reconciliation and harmonization.

Doubling in octaves therefore never was and never will be a process of harmonization.

Berlioz's harmonization is very bald, and as to his attempts at development, the less said the better.

To bring about this harmonization, or co-ordination, the nervous system has been provided.

Old bits of harmonization, half forgotten, returned upon him with new meaning in their crude successions.

And it was done, in twenty-four hours, and was a beautiful and original bit of harmonization.

The air is plaintive and pretty, and in the harmonization is strongly stamped with the composer's individuality.

The essential features of his structure were (to use Professor Baldwin's words) harmonization, simplification, and gradation.

These chromatics should be emphasized, as they are a feature of the 129 passage and form gems of harmonization.