Harnessed [verb]

Definition of Harnessed:

rein in; control

Synonyms of Harnessed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harnessed:

Sentence/Example of Harnessed:

By March of 2012 the company had an initial concept for its “Working Dog Freefall Harness,” or K9A, by simply modifying an existing dog vest that had handles on it so that it could be attached to the front of the paratrooper’s harness.

Two people are needed to lift the dog-in-a-pod onto a support harness known as the pod-tray, shaped somewhat like a taco-shell, which is attached to the human jumper’s harness.

A so-called combination seat like the Frontier is designed to be used with internal harnesses until the child outgrows them, then converted to a booster.

The lucky puppy, who Wilbanks said is “just like family,” has since been spotted in TV interviews bopping around in a pink harness and licking his owner’s face.

So I add a wire to my wire harness and just make it a little thicker.

We had six field-pieces, but we only took four, harnessed wit twice the usual number of horses.

The horse, whose health had been drunk in his absence, was standing outside, ready harnessed to the cart.

The plows are by the corral, and the first team that comes up is to be harnessed to each in turn.

Four beautiful horses were harnessed to an open landau, and four servants, in Oriental liveries, ran by the side of the carriage.

In a word, they both carry their heads very high, and are harnessed to the chariot of Fortune, but are never likely to sit in it.