Harnessing [verb]

Definition of Harnessing:

rein in; control

Synonyms of Harnessing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harnessing:

Sentence/Example of Harnessing:

The second idea was a longer harness that gave more support to the dog rather than just holding it up by its middle.

Under the table his hands moved in the intricate symbolic pattern which aided such emotion-harnessing.

Here they obtained some idea of harnessing and driving horses, of ploughing, and of the other farming operations.

Afterward more precious moments were consumed in harnessing up the new steeds and getting once more under way.

But Sally is harnessing up a coach-and-six to drive through human obligations.

They want to get from us the secret of harnessing nature up to their wagon to pull their heavy loads.

Captain Perez was for harnessing up immediately and starting off to find the lost one, hit or miss.

And so he set himself the task of harnessing the kick of the gun.

He hoped Hughie wouldn't hear him harnessing Nellie, and shoot at the barn.

While she talked Mr. Freeman was harnessing Range into the chaise, and they were soon on the way to the farm.