Harpoon [noun]

Definition of Harpoon:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Harpoon:


Sentence/Example of Harpoon:

We passed several large sting-rays asleep on the surface of the sea, which our people ineffectually endeavoured to harpoon.

By bending one finger like a hook and striking the butt of the shaft, he could send a harpoon straight to the mark.

Take a harpoon and show how the shaft would swing against the feet of an animal that had been hit by the head.

Kamelillo had a bamboo pole in his hand to pole the raft with, but he had shod it with his harpoon head.

They are caught at night in shallow places along the sandy beach, a torch, harpoon, and net being the necessary outfit.

The natives would occasionally put their hands on my tomahawk or harpoon, and never ceased to wonder why the metal was so cold.

This baby whale was about fifteen feet long, and it “sounded” immediately on receiving my harpoon.

They never tired, I think, of seeing me handle my giant “catamaran” and the (to them) mysterious harpoon.

Oddly enough, the fore-part of the boat remained fixed to the rope of the harpoon in the calf.

Dimly he saw the harpoon hurtle through the spray and the sharp crack of the explosion sounded in his ear.