Harpy [noun]

Definition of Harpy:

a shrewish woman

Synonyms of Harpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harpy:


Sentence/Example of Harpy:

She turned upon the intruder with a curse, but Azalea had been right in believing that gold would loosen the old harpy's tongue.

A feather duster was stuck in for a tail, and his woolly head gave him the uncanny look of a black harpy.

There was the whole crew of the Harpy sloop, taken off here, treated in that way—that I know of to a certainty.

And the little girl struck and scratched and made a curdled face and echoed, “Harpy, your own self!”

"That harpy hopes to fleece us," said Dalrymple, slipping his arm through mine and drawing me towards the roulette table.

She placed it in the hand of La Corriveau, whose long fingers clutched it like the talons of a harpy.

La Corriveau extended both hands eagerly, clutching as with the claws of a harpy.

Of course, the jewels would be sold for half their value, and the harpy would triumph.

She did think that Frank, her Frank, the man whom she worshipped, was to take this harpy to his bosom as his wife.

But she, like unto a broad-winged, shrill-voiced harpy, leaped down from the heavens through the air.