Harried [adjective]

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Her journey from Denver to the South Pacific is occasioned by a package she received in the mail which contained a key, an ornamental knife and a picture of her husband Harry with the coordinates of the island written on the back.

While several DTC brands have tried out big box stores — such as Harry’s in Target — this year, big-box stores have become a key part of the DTC growth strategy.

Meghan and Harry ink a Spotify deal, Paris’s mayor is happy to pay a gender parity fine, and MacKenzie Scott acknowledges an ugly truth.

Still, founders of startups in other highly consolidated CPG categories may want to take note of Harry’s — and now seemingly Billie’s — fate.

That includes Harry’s, Away, Glossier and Warby Parker to name a few.

Thence sailing west came he to Borgundarholm (Bornholm) and made thereon a landing and harried all in the isle.

And when he was come to the realm over which Earl Hakon had rule harried he there, laying bare all the land.

From the castle he harried the whole neighbourhood, threatened Bath, and sold his prisoners as slaves to Ireland.

There he plundered widely; and he put in also to Lofufjord with his host, and going up onto the land harried there likewise.

Next summer called out King Harald an host and fared to Denmark where he harried during the summer.