Harrying [verb]

Definition of Harrying:

pester, annoy

Synonyms of Harrying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harrying:

Sentence/Example of Harrying:

Do you want the marriage of your daughter with the rich and Honourable Harry broken?

During this conversation Harry's right hand was resting beneath his jacket, grasping the butt of his revolver.

"Colonel Shaffer is a few miles to the west with about five hundred men," replied Harry.

Harry had no further adventures in reaching Fulton, and at once reported to Captain Duffield, who was in command of the post.

"It will go through, if I live," calmly replied Harry, as he carefully concealed the message in the lining of his coat.

Captain Duffield wrote two messages, giving one to Harry, and the other to the soldier who was to accompany him.

To Harry's surprise, the soldier detailed to go with him proved to be a boy, not much older than himself.

On the march Harry had an opportunity to tell Lawrence much that had happened to him since they parted.

It was not until they were on the ferryboat crossing the river that Harry was aware that Lawrence and Dan were of the number.

He came later, and Harry, the black-haired boy, was mainly responsible for his coming.