Harshly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Harshly:

When you’re the first of a community to do something, especially something that’s off the beaten path, people will come for you in the harshest way.

Akita’s winters are so harsh that he had to live in a boarding house to be able to get to high school.

Judged by the harsh biblical standards Immanuel School applies to LGBT people, Mike and Karen Pence deserve the same sentence.

After their harsh three-year sojourn, the thinnest layers of bacteria were fried by ultraviolet radiation.

I mean, if you’re going to get paid a quarter of a million by some company after you leave office just to show up and schmooze and give a speech, then human nature is like, “Maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on this company.”

Not a word now,” cried Longcluse harshly, extending his hand quickly towards him; “I may do that which can't be undone.

Yet if there is a measure of untruth in such pretty flatteries, one needs to be superhuman in order to condemn them harshly.

"Slap your saddles on them fresh hosses," he grated harshly from the back of a deep-chested, lean-flanked gray.

A knell from the church bell broke harshly on these youthful thoughts.

"You are quite well aware that you could never look otherwise than maddeningly beautiful," he said harshly.