Harvested [verb]

Definition of Harvested:

gathering of produce

Synonyms of Harvested:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harvested:

Sentence/Example of Harvested:

The Pilgrims gather around a harvest table while the members of the Wampanoag tribe largely sit to one side in their own group.

Enhanced, super-specialized versions of today’s large-scale, single-crop agriculture could leave farms increasingly vulnerable to a harvest catastrophe.

This occurs when reduced timber harvests brought about by offset projects simply lead to increased harvesting elsewhere.

In regions where tide differentials are big, such as Georgia, parts of Florida, and the Carolinas, low tide is best for easy harvest of oysters.

Soy delays may have some consequences for corn and cotton planted just after the oilseed harvest.

For some, the harvest went better than expected, with quantities from average to very low.

Rye is now being harvested, and is quite heavy: in fact, all the crops promise abundant harvests.

If the tobacco of the tropics is fragrant while growing, it is doubly so after being harvested and carried to the sheds.

The seed plants should be left standing some six or eight weeks after the other plants have been harvested.

They vary with the climate, the topography, the size of the timber, and the kind of product to be harvested.