Harvesters [noun]

Definition of Harvesters:

person who produces crops, raises animals

Synonyms of Harvesters:

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Sentence/Example of Harvesters:

Behind that goes a pickup machine, or a harvester, that picks them up off the ground, separates the dirt, sticks, and leaves, and puts them into trailers, leaving them much cleaner than what got picked up off the ground.

All scallop harvesters should check carefully with local and state marine officials to learn if scallops are safe to harvest and eat in their area.

It had taken years to get the harvester right — mostly because they first had to get the tomato right, breeding a new variety that could withstand the rough treatment of the mechanical harvester.

If a man has hired a harvester, he shall give him eight gur of corn per year.

And yet there is a new type of harvester that has been used in San Joaquin valley, California.

One day a harvester who ventured far up a shallow brook was captured by a grizzly bear.

The self-binding harvester was borne on the shoulders of the Marsh harvester.

Combined harvester and thresher—Matteson, United States, 1886.

Several times during the months of January and February I introduced into the jar a number of half-grown larvæ of the harvester.

Every harvester that clicks its way through the yellow grain means more than bread.