Harvesting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Harvesting:

The greatest pains are taken in securing the crop and harvesting and handling the plants without injuring the leaves.

After harvesting, the plants cure rapidly and on account of their small size rarely sweat.

The plants should be kept clean of them and especially at the time of harvesting.

There, within easy reach of the rubber trees, they set up their camp and the actual work of harvesting the rubber crop begins.

In the intervals of planting and harvesting they were busy with the toils of adjusting the laws of a universe.

Nowhere in Tyrol can the interesting harvesting of the grapes be better seen than at Meran.

For ploughing, sowing, and harvesting, swift machines came forward to do the work of scores of men.

At Lac-qui-parle, where had been the best seed-sowing and harvesting for the first seven years, the work had gone backward.

Up to the present time he holds about twenty-eight patents on automobile parts and harvesting machinery.

He must have been well over sixty years old; and he had grown rich by harvesting the living treasures of the sea.