Harvests [noun]

Definition of Harvests:

crops; taking in of crops

Synonyms of Harvests:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harvests:

Sentence/Example of Harvests:

Late summer is a good time to start garlic for the springtime harvest, as well as cool-weather crops like kale, chard, broccoli, beets, and peas.

The majority of the sales are related to barter trading with farmers getting fertilizers and chemicals before planting in exchange for part of the harvest.

When compared to data collected after the harvest, her predictions proved fairly accurate.

They lack early information that could help figure out how factors such as drought might affect the amount of food that would later be available for harvest.

The project she came up with helps people in low-income nations predict their crop harvests.

Typically, if rains are delayed, people may clear land to plant more rice to supplement their harvests, he says.

But the withering mildew was now breathed forth, that was intended to blast this goodly harvest.

They are religious who reap a great harvest among souls in this newly-christianized land.

I may be tempted to postpone my retirement, and for a while longer to continue to gather the golden harvest that ripens round me.

A rich harvest was offered in New France, where the natives lived almost like animals, without any knowledge of God.