Has [verb]

Definition of Has:

be in possession

Synonyms of Has:

Opposite/Antonyms of Has:

Sentence/Example of Has:

"He has-kept it—five years—unopened," Mona said in broken phrases scarce above a whisper.

Mr. Anderson—he's below-has crinkly noctagons, and one wouldn't believe the difference.

A formidable rival to this magnificent fall of water has-been discovered by that indefatigable traveller, Dr. Livingston.

The portion of the has-reliefs of Orvieto, given in the opposite plate, will show the importance of the jointing.

"Be careful, and don't make me a has-been," David cautioned.

Returned home, and friendly received in his high rank of a “has-been” and “recovered” prodigal?

The Khedive had returned to Has-el-Teen, which had only been partly destroyed, as soon as the blue-jackets entered.

I wanted t' make you a real lady—t' take you away from Mulligan's—but now—I'm only—a 'has-been.'

The boss hired him to stand on the stairs for a kind of scenery to show there was something doing in the has-been line upstairs.

I could make a fortune competing against beginners and dubs and has-beens, so they legislate against me.