Hashed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hashed:

I walked across the street again into the hotel to breakfast, and mine host inquired if I would take "hashed fish or beans."

We don't want any old silly stuff that has been hashed over and over, we want a big new idea to plant in our hearts.

The best possible food (except the angle-worm) is lean flesh of animals, boiled and hashed fine for the young fish.

The cold meat of the palace is hashed and served up to us, piping hot, from our committee room.

The meat is roast or boiled, hot or cold, sometimes fried or hashed.

Is there any situation so piquant as that of meeting the man one did not marry after he has "hashed it" with another woman?

He ate his supper by himself before her, and very devoutly devoured a brace of partridges and half a leg of mutton hashed.

The old cook had hashed up the turkey; it was stunning, almost better than the day before.

If we don't do something, and do it pretty quick, we'll be cooked—hashed—done brown on both sides.

I never came absolutely to hashed mutton, but I've known how very uncomfortable it is not to be able to pay for the hot joints.