Hassock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hassock:

He made his adieux; but almost before the door had closed behind him Evie had risen from her hassock.

Lancaster got a cigar from the humidor and collapsed his long gaunt body across chair and hassock.

“There is but a segment,” she said, sitting back upon the hassock again.

She took a little hassock, placed it by Mr. Belcher's chair, and sat down, leaning by the weight of a feather against him.

Sally brought a hassock, and placing it at her feet, sat down upon it, and rested her elbows on Miss Rogers' chair.

Tall Priscilla occupied the hammock, and Ruth was ensconced in a willow rocking-chair, with a hassock at her feet.

In no uncertain sense I was a man without a country; and this fair maiden on the hassock at my feet was all the world to me.

Jeaness was seated upon a hassock in the parlor where there were several guests.

Seating herself upon a low chair, Mrs. Harold drew a hassock to her side, motioning Juno to it.

She had looked at her smart little boots as she adjusted them on a hassock and had smiled at Kate almost teasingly.