Haste [noun]

Definition of Haste:

extreme speed, hurry

Opposite/Antonyms of Haste:

Sentence/Example of Haste:

Obviously, there is a plan, even if it is one constructed in haste during Hurney and Mayhew’s first days on the job.

Murdock says that the Diamond rockwall in Rocky Mountain National Park saw it’s busiest season ever, and it’s possible that the increased use could lead climbers to choose a less-familiar route or skip safe practices in their haste.

If you go after low domain authority sites in the interest of haste, you risk hurting your SEO.

Don’t be in a haste to rank a rank that will truncate your well-planned efforts.

Nearly half the regiment ran to secure their picketed horses, armed themselves in hot haste, and galloped to the gaol.

Here there is no question of emergency, or enemy pressure, or of haste; so much we see plain enough with our own eyes.

News came that the rebels were plundering the British quarters, and the infantry went there in hot haste.

Here were the sources (in part) of the Po and of the Rhine, but I was rather in haste to bid the former good-bye.

Make haste, Mr. Lowten,” Perker called out, “we shall have the panels beaten in.

Enough for him that it was one of the hated race, to be killed in a violent hurry or fled from in tremendous haste!