Hastened [verb]

Definition of Hastened:

speed something; hurry

Synonyms of Hastened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hastened:

Sentence/Example of Hastened:

The silted-up river was shallow enough to cross on foot, anyway, but the intact bridge hastened the British assault.

Such shoreline structures can hasten beach erosion, and state officials were trying to ensure that didn’t happen.

Extensive research suggests that certain ways of thinking and behaving can hasten the plunge into clinical depression, while others can prevent it.

Some experts suspect lower humidity also hastens transmission of the virus.

Leaders of Operation Warp Speed, the federal effort to hasten vaccine and therapeutic development, have projected having 600 million to 700 million doses of vaccine by March or April.

But it was necessary to take Silan, which the rebels hastened to strengthen, closely followed up by the Spaniards.

We were interrupted at this moment by a message from General Houston, to whom we immediately hastened.

Mrs. Charmington hastened to spread the report that his Royal Highness was seriously smitten.

Louis had covered his raging temples with his hand, and he hastened forward with distracted swiftness.

From a sense of justice, I hastened to remunerate those who had been deprived of their coign of vantage, but, alas!