Hatched [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hatched:

Never have I seen so unique a character as this voluble, hatched-faced, tireless woman.

He no longer doubted there was a conspiracy, secretly hatched by the episcopals against the Commune.

Yes,” replied Edith, “and feed all the little chickens when they are hatched, as I did at Arnwood.

A few days ago he came across a Plymouth Rock hen that had hatched out a clutch of turkeys.

They arrived at about the same time as on the two previous seasons, and hatched out their young as usual, down by the lake.

This task accomplished, she rapidly retreats to the water, leaving the eggs to be hatched by the heat of the sun.

By June, 1913, practically all of the egg masses had hatched and scarcely an adult could be found anywhere.

“Well, we'll call it hatched,” said the papa; but they knew he was just funning.

There was a young roc in it just ready to be hatched, and its bill had begun to appear.

The grub when hatched is fed with the royal jelly, and a queen is produced.