Hatchery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hatchery:

The organization will bury the eggs at its hatcheries and, about two months later, bid the hatchlings adieu as they swim off to sea.

What a to-do they make when you approach their outdoor hatchery!

He began by dumping out into a worthless and landlocked bass-pond every brown trout in the hatchery.

Salmon have a peculiarity which makes it easy for the hatchery people.

At the head of the lake is a hotel and a fish hatchery; no store, no factory, not even a Chautauqua.

The female sun-fish (called, I believe, in England, the roach or bream) makes a "hatchery" for her eggs in this wise.

Soon we are racing across the level to the Fish Hatchery, between avenues of quaking aspens and young tamaracks and pines.

Passing the Hatchery we were only a few more minutes in reaching Tallac House, the first to complete the auto-trip this season.

The sharpest descent is just above the hatchery and rearing troughs, which therefore receive well-aerated water.

A small hatchery established on such a river might at once establish the European fish in these waters.