Hatches [verb]

Definition of Hatches:

create, plan

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Sentence/Example of Hatches:

Like everything on the Row of Life, Madsen’s 20-foot, self-righting rowboat, the food was stored in watertight hatches built around her seat, where for the next three months she planned to spend 12 hours a day rowing west.

Plans indicate an emergency egress shaft and a small hatch, but it is unclear whether passengers escaping a fire or breakdown would be expected to climb stairs or even a ladder.

While convenient on long off-road trips, swing-outs add a lot of weight and complicate the process of opening the rear hatch.

The plan is to destroy the nest, hopefully before hornets that can start nests of their own hatch.

That battening of the hatches against other viral invaders is different from the specific kind of immunity that comes from making antibodies against a particular virus.

At that moment there came up the fore-hatch a yell, as if from the throat of a North American savage.

Fortunately, the hatch had been shut, and the deluge of water had not gone into the cabin, or the boat must have foundered.

The first mate went to look into it and found Liosha standing enraptured at the hatch looking down upon a free fight.

A very important fitting is a hatch by which the cockpit can be completely covered in in heavy weather.

The sailor sprung down the companion hatch, where he found the hawser coiled against the door, and heard Newton struggling inside.