Hated [adjective]

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At the same time, Supernatural and its fandom spent years locked in a delicate love-hate tangle, From 2005 to 2020, Supernatural wrestled with its own regressive tendencies and a pattern of flagrant misogyny.

We thought our younger people would be the ones that love working from home and love the technology, and that it would our people in their fifties that would hate it.

About 95 percent of hate speech on Facebook gets caught by algorithms before anyone can report it, Facebook said in its latest community-standards enforcement report.

In its quarterly standards report, Facebook said it took enforcement action on nearly 29 million posts on Facebook and Instagram that contained hate speech between July and September.

In April, more than 1,000 companies took part in a boycott over how Facebook had handled hate groups, pulling their ad dollars from the platform.

There’s overt hate speech, which is very obvious and you can use sort of phrases you’ve banked or, or, or keywords.

This was the rare Charger loss that couldn’t be chalked up to the universe hating the Chargers.

Many users have flocked to the service because of what they consider to be unfair crackdowns by Facebook and Twitter over hate speech and misinformation.

Perhaps we hate the Nates because we hate the polls, and we hate the polls because we hate ourselves.

There’s one school of thought that says, “Hey, let’s really eliminate hate speech and uncivil behavior towards one another.”