Hatefulness [noun]

Definition of Hatefulness:

hate, vengefulness

Synonyms of Hatefulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hatefulness:

Sentence/Example of Hatefulness:

She could have spats enough with that horrid, spiteful Cuban girl, but there was no fun in those; just cold, sneering hatefulness.

This specious claim was a sure and brief way to secure the hatefulness of their successors.

To make men see the hatefulness and loathsomeness of this greed of gain is the first duty of the church.

Voltaire taught the beauty of the useful, the hatefulness and hideousness of superstition.

He folded his arms and resettled his legs; and the noisome hatefulness of his laugh filled me with regret for the wet-eyed Mowry.

There are further injunctions about tending the infirm, and stern advice about the hatefulness of quarrels.

It does not hold up before man the hatefulness and ugliness of all sin as a whole.

It holds up before man the hatefulness and ugliness of vice as a whole.

There are some vocations which seem to develop all the hatefulness and cruelty of human nature, and this is evidently one of them.

Then he laughed to himself, a laugh full of a hatefulness that somehow did not seem to fit him.