Hates [noun]

Definition of Hates:

extreme dislike

Opposite/Antonyms of Hates:

Sentence/Example of Hates:

It was not early in the morning, for, if there is anything a Korean hates to do, it is to make an early start on a journey.

He sincerely hates all anti-tobaccoites and has a supreme disgust for the memory of King James I. and all royal foes of the plant.

The enemy hates him bitterly, and would welcome an opportunity, would even conspire, to hang him.

And as Barker hates me pretty much as he seems inclined to hate you, we are in the same box.

Though she hates me for a thousand reasons she is always caressing me in the hope of turning me against my uncles.

He takes a pleasure in work; is happy inaction; and hates both clerical and secular indifference.

The Emperor hates pomp and display, and all his family follow his precepts in enjoying a simple home life.

What a misfortune that a man, who so passionately hates the Jews, should be incredulous to such a degree!

He hates walking, but brightened up considerably as we went along, and we talked of our various troubles.

Any such intimation would be sure to lead to a distressing scene on my part, and he hates tears and complaints of any kind.