Haughtily [adverb]

Definition of Haughtily:


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Sentence/Example of Haughtily:

“But this is not a case of attending a patient, Baron,” said David Arden, a little haughtily.

He turned to Miller, and said haughtily in his imperfect English, “Did you see the cheat, you?”

The host hastily poured whiskey-and-soda lest he should look haughtily expectant.

He drew himself up rather haughtily in reply to one question, and glanced uneasily at the girl.

The same amount of pride which makes a man treat haughtily his inferiors, makes him cringe servilely to those above him.

The Spaniard had drawn himself up haughtily; there was fire in his eye, half a threat in his voice.

Then the old gardener came, and of course I walked away, very haughtily, as became a daughter of the house.

They had expected, as freshmen, to be quite haughtily ignored by the seniors and juniors.

When offered, it was haughtily declined under the applause of Bismarck and his friends.

The young officer looked haughtily at the nearest peons and demanded in Spanish, "Do you know me?"