Haulage [noun]

Definition of Haulage:

physical resistance, friction

Synonyms of Haulage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haulage:

Sentence/Example of Haulage:

Compare this with some of our American examples of surplus haulage of fifty or sixty per cent!

It is only fair to say that the Boers themselves were masters of the art of haulage.

The Sumter mill could save haulage, and use one-third of its cotton not packed, thus saving in bagging and ties.

Similarly with land haulage the economy of fuel has made immense reductions in cost.

So you can only cut the stuff here within reach of our light haulage system?

The cost of haulage is, therefore, necessarily increased in proportion to the roughness of the surface or steepness of the grade.

The concrete cars were operated by cable haulage by two Lambert 7×10-in.

When rope haulage is used, an enclosed light shall be carried on the front end of each train so hauled.

There are not the expenses for breaking rock, timbering, or haulage, which are common in coal mining.

Wherever infantry or cavalry can go, it can go too, without entailing any appreciable amount of extra haulage.