Haunch [noun]

Definition of Haunch:

upper legs

Synonyms of Haunch:

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Sentence/Example of Haunch:

The haunch of buck will take about three hours and three quarters roasting.

I have sent a noble haunch of venison this afternoon to Mrs. Vanhomrigh; I wish you had it sirrahs.

It appeared to me there was a haunch of venison hanging over the stern when we came on board?

Without one or other of these contrivances, no one should presume to give a haunch of venison to his friends.

Before it is sent to table, the cook should pour over the haunch one wine-glassful of hot port wine.

Clouds were banking up along the haunch of the hills, and there was every sign of an approaching change of weather.

Then, pointing the nose of the animal toward the trail, he gave his haunch a pinch like the nipping of a fire ant.

It was an unsportsmanlike thing to do, but considering the rivalry and other temptations I fired, and hit the beast in the haunch.

The short portion (A) which is left on the tenon is called the haunch, and the cavity it engages is termed the haunching.

Fig. 131 shows the type of tenon and haunch used when the stile or upright rail is grooved to receive a panel.