Haunted [adjective]

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TikTok users created half-pint haunted houses, complete with micro-clowns and to-scale blood stains.

Everyone, no matter where they’re trapped in the world, is also trapped in their own head, and some people’s heads are a little more haunted than others.

It won at its haunted house of Utah in the wee Eastern hours, forcing five turnovers so that a person in the East might have kept waking and wondering whether a fumble was a new fumble or a replay of a previous fumble.

Official guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention marked traditional celebrations such as trick-or-treating and haunted houses as high risk for potential coronavirus exposure.

External stimuli are useful but what if instead of a haunted house happening around you, you were immersed in it.

It’s less haunting — and less haunted — than Hill House, but still a captivating saga of families, grief, and love.

Alessandro's face haunted him, and also the memory of Ramona's, as she lay tossing and moaning in the wretched Cahuilla hovel.

Mrs. Paula was one of those women that haunted the cheap shops and bargain-counters, and was always in debt.

Pa Babcock affirmed the tale and declared that this was why he had left off working on the haunted farm.

Once, when a boy, he had seen Henry Irving in Faust; he saw the devils on the haunted mountain; he heard their hideous cries.