Haunter [noun]

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When the season for this seed was over—and the season is always a short one—the haunter of the furrows would perish.

Now we are asked to allow a tomb-haunter to call a parricide to disclose that which he himself is ignorant of.

Auction-haunter different from prowler, 88 et seq.Authors and compositors, 77 et seq.

He is rich it may be; but a haunter of idle and debauched company—a common prizefighter, who has shed human blood like water.

The effect was uncanny and the Hermit ceased to wonder that he had been unable to catch a glimpse of this haunter of his trail.

The ancient castle becomes not merely haunted itself but is the haunter as well.

In spite of the general visibility, some of the most horrible tales turn on the fact that the haunter is unseen.

This to my face, thou vile creeper of ditches, thou unsavoury tavern-haunter—this in my teeth!

I thought of the honest, open face and the innocent blue eyes of my friend the tavern-haunter.

And, as he slept, came swaggering by, the gay fop—the gallant of the city—the tavern-haunter—the ruffler—and the bully.