Haunting [adjective]

Definition of Haunting:


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Sentence/Example of Haunting:

There was a haunting echo of that DHS memorandum during the siege of the Capitol.

Amazed, forgetful of their discomfort, the girls listened while the throbbing, haunting melody wailed itself to a close.

I want you to be for ever free from the haunting fear that this Anthony Riggleton shall ever cross your path.

It has been haunting me ever since we heard him playing that day, and yet I can't think of the name of it.

He found her looking paler than her wont, and there was a cloud of sadness on her brow, a haunting sadness in her eyes.

It is a graceful book, essentially graceful, with its haunting agreeable melancholy, its pleasing savoury of antiquity.

Coronado inwardly cursed himself for venturing into this inferno, the haunting place of devils in human shape.

That cleared our minds of the one persistent obstacle that mattered to us—the haunting presence of Margaret.

He thought in pictures, which he saw with a strange detachment as if he were a ghost haunting places once familiar.

These were days that forbade Michael to walk afield, and that with haunting, autumnal birdsong held him in a trance.