Haversack [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Haversack:

I had always made it a rule to keep a supply of sugar and some hard tack in my haversack, ready for an emergency.

The generous cords of Burroughs' haversack and canteen were unloosed and their gratuitous contents speedily disappeared.

When he reached the brow of the cliff he quickly cast off his knapsack and haversack, and sent them sliding down the icy path.

There is some cold meat in my haversack, if you are hungry; but I am too tired to eat.

Joshua placed the money into his haversack, with the nails and snuff, looked up at the setting sun, and said to himself.

Then, when it had ceased its death struggles, he cut off both its ears and placed them in his haversack.

Then he cut off the four ears and placed them in his haversack, and rolled the huge carcase back into the lake.

I myself did a little searching until I found a full haversack strapped to a man who would never use his teeth again.

In the very rattle of tin-cup on haversack and rifle-butt on cobbles was a note of deep discontent.

While he was doing this a shot struck his haversack, and the men all laughed at the sight of the flying hardtack.