Hawked [verb]

Definition of Hawked:

sell door to door

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Sentence/Example of Hawked:

Founded in 2010, Wish now helps more then 500,000 online sellers hawk goods to 100 million monthly active shoppers.

Helicopters and Washingtonians generally get along as well as hawks and bunny rabbits.

Unlike the PigeonBot, this robot-hawk doesn’t use actual feathers from a real bird—Ajanic’s team devised an artificial solution.

In some ways, the robo-hawk is a lot like a real northern goshawk.

A version of this article appears in the November 2020 issue of Fortune with the headline, “A powerful tool for trade hawks.”

It was called rock oil and was hawked about the streets as a sure cure for rheumatism.

Papal indulgences and relics were hawked about chiefly by friars, though these practices were discountenanced by the bishops.

Their letters were published in a pamphlet of which Pollard said scornfully that it was hawked about in every city of the South.

A broadside on the event was printed and hawked about the country.

Panaceas are hawked among us, each with a magic to cure our ills.