Hawking [noun]

Definition of Hawking:

the chase

Synonyms of Hawking:

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Sentence/Example of Hawking:

For those who preferred hawking choice falcons had been brought from Holland.

One almost expects to see some baronial hawking party, or some bridal procession issue from its recesses.

A fortnight before the first swallow the large bats were hawking up and down the road in the evenings.

The chief pleasures were those of the chase,--hunting and hawking,--and intemperate feasts.

But Perry was fond of hawks, and much regretted that the days were gone by when hawking was a favourite pastime.

Look at this picture of coursing, here is another of hawking, and now see these otter hounds.

Of all diversions he loved hunting and hawking in their seasons; but his chief delight was in dogs.

Now, as he went from his chamber to cross the moat by the drawbridge, he encountered Prince Rudolf returning from hawking.

We were much in each other's company, not only in the main business of fighting, but in hawking and hunting in the neighbourhood.

The favourite diversions of the middle ages, in the intervals of war, were those of hunting and hawking.