Hawser [noun]

Definition of Hawser:

cord, line

Synonyms of Hawser:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hawser:


Sentence/Example of Hawser:

Pike payed out the hawser, the coxswain eased off the spring; away went the boat, and next moment Pike had Stanley by the hair.

The hawser was slipped as he spoke; the lifeboat was hauled slowly but steadily to windward up to her anchor.

The hawser was made into a loop around his body and the other end was tied around the mother.

He was pulled forward quite a distance, when the hawser broke and his fore-legs fell on the plank.

The situation was not so bad as we thought, however, as it was very easy to slip another hawser under him.

Henry Burns rapidly recounted what he had discovered, including the end of hawser made fast to the tree.

The sailor sprung down the companion hatch, where he found the hawser coiled against the door, and heard Newton struggling inside.

With that the young motor boat captain leaped to the dock and ran to the stern hawser, while Hank Butts stood by the bow-hawser.

With a couple of strokes I cut the hawser, and, putting up the helm, we were just able to run to leeward out of her way.

One hawser still held us to the land, like a faint memory stretching back into the past.