Hayseeds [noun]

Definition of Hayseeds:

bumpkin, yokel

Synonyms of Hayseeds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hayseeds:


Sentence/Example of Hayseeds:

"Bully for you, old Hayseed," said the man who had wanted to whip any man in the right wing of the army.

"I won't take no slack from no old Wabash hayseed like you," responded the teamster cordially.

Then he appears again, in damaged homespun, combs the hayseed out of his hair, and takes a pilot-house berth for the winter.

And he said, I dont see why it is those hayseed politicians up in Albany want to come down here and bother us honest men.

He was for a while a typical hayseed, an expert reaper, ready to match himself against all comers.

Tom Parsons, a "hayseed," makes good on the scrub team of Randall College.

A side glance into the barn told that its mows were well filled and that its floor was strewn with hayseed.

To and fro across the slippery hayseed the antagonists battled, raising a cloud of dust.

Do you imagine that a hayseed like that would recognize an insult without an introduction?

"Better give it up as a bad job, old hayseed," said another voice.