Haywire [adjective]

Definition of Haywire:

broken; crazy

Synonyms of Haywire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haywire:


Sentence/Example of Haywire:

As millennials rushed out of cities and back to their parents’ homes, the housing market went haywire.

When taste and smell begin to come back, they can go haywire.

For example, we now know that energy production in aging cells goes haywire.

Reexamine your regular routine, and if something seems haywire, make adjustments.

The state system went haywire on Monday, several hours before the registration deadline, showing error messages and trapping people in user-verification pages that prevented them from completing and submitting their form.

It was the top of the year — before Kobe died, before the world went haywire — when George Lopez accidentally made himself the epicenter of attention for an entire news cycle or two.

I said our air-conditioning system goes haywire and that we were ripping out a thousand old boilers and coolers.

"Just my imagination going a little haywire from it all, I fancy," he said.

"Yeah, my guns went haywire for some unknown reason," he said eventually.

Horses with patched civilian harness gave the transport the appearance of a "haywire outfit."