Hazard [noun]

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It might be a hazard of the job, and even if you leave Instagram, it would probably be good to talk to a therapist who can help you develop coping strategies.

Autonomous vehicles need to be able to predict whether a child is about to run into the road or whether a wobbling cyclist presents a hazard.

Yet, while desire is one thing, the hazards that await are another.

It is outrageous that these companies are keeping all of us in the dark about the dangers these workers face and the hazards that still exist across San Diego County and the state.

The job may look as simple as connecting two wires, but doing the job incorrectly can be a true safety hazard either immediately or down the road.

Identifying these human-caused seismic patterns could help scientists remove some of that noise, and possibly be better able to zoom in on natural hazards in the future, Lecocq says.

Chronic exposure to deep space radiation, on the other hand, is a hazard that no space traveler has faced before.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob noted that county staff recommended denying the project, which she’s not seen in a long time, largely due to extreme fire hazard.

Opioids are hardly our greatest public-health hazard, even if you’re just talking substance abuse.

Not suspecting her motive, he represented the hazard of putting so great an affront on the favourite of the Empress.