Hazardous [adjective]

Definition of Hazardous:

dangerous, unpredictable

Synonyms of Hazardous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hazardous:

Sentence/Example of Hazardous:

Only a small amount of sleet or freezing rain causes slick, hazardous roads and walkways.

Even if the ice is lighter, it could still be very slippery and hazardous.

The cross-border sewage spills routinely led to beach closures and exposed people to hazardous materials.

The approvals, which are allowed under the department’s administrative rules, are designed to mitigate hazardous situations during an emergency.

An agency memo reported that he was recruited in 1961 and captained a six-person crew on “hazardous missions to accomplish exfiltrations” from Cuba.

Metrobus was operating on a “moderate snow plan,” prompting the suspension of some routes and detours of possible hazardous areas.

Even some highways and main roads could turn hazardous if we see any occasional bursts of heavier snow.

Due to freezing temperatures in advance of and during the storm, Sunday’s snow will quickly stick to roads and walkways once it begins falling in the early morning, making for hazardous travel throughout the region.

West Coast wildfires turned our air into smoky haze, making it so unhealthy and hazardous to be outdoors that our peaceful moments of refuge became reminders of a looming threat.

Metrobus will operate its “moderate snow service” plan, which suspends and detours bus routes that are prone to hazardous conditions because of hilly terrain or narrow streets, Metro said.