Haziness [noun]

Definition of Haziness:

mass of water particles in air

Synonyms of Haziness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haziness:

Sentence/Example of Haziness:

As he turned to the West, however, he noted a faint haziness and shading off in the outline of the hills.

In his eyes there is a sort of haziness that seems to foreshadow the darkness which later is to come over him.

Beside this mental haziness, which neither sees nor shapes a fact correctly, vague people are loose and unstable in their habits.

No haziness then in their knowledge that the patroness in whose care they placed their cathedrals was a fellow creature.

It is this haziness of intellectual vision which is the malady of all classes of men by nature.

He had also that delicious haziness about the history of the district which is characteristic of the native.

The want of pilots and the haziness of the atmosphere rendered the navigation difficult.

Accordingly to remove all haziness I just indicated that she had failed to grasp my meaning.

The atmosphere is sensibly milder, and attended with haziness, which appears to betoken rain.

Whenever I came to ask what they meant by rights, I found the same haziness that everywhere surrounds that word.