Hazing [noun]

Definition of Hazing:

trying experience

Synonyms of Hazing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hazing:


Sentence/Example of Hazing:

He used a variety of techniques that included non-lethal strategies such as habitat modification and hazing.

Here’s hoping that it does not extend to hazing rituals as well.

Edna knew what a Freshman was but the matter of hazing was quite new to her and troubled her very much.

This was the last Edna heard of hazing and if Cousin Ben was ever caught he did not tell her or anyone else.

It was there plebes generally received their first hazing, and there most of the fights between the cadets took place.

I should think they would be no end of fun if they mean making one do stunts, or anything in the hazing line?

He mounted and rode on down the trail, eyeing the tracks of the horses that Little Jim was hazing toward the valley below.

Then he spurred out after Cheyenne who was already hazing the horses down the road.

He was never concerned in the disgraceful practice of "hazing," which can amuse only a mean, low, and tyrannical character.

Somehow, he did not like the idea of hazing the Californian.